We are waiting for changes


Car world is changing. It changes even faster than we could imagine. However, the dynamics of change is not the most main factor characterizing the processes occurring in the industry. Much more important than the scale and depth of these changes that permeate the entire industry literally through.

Causes of change are obvious — ecology. Around it, like the earth around its axis, recently rotates the world industry lately — to reduce the harmful effect on the environment. It is precisely this way that the fundamental political decisions are determined at various levels, the engineers are guided by, creating innovative products, it also underlies and many social trends.

Amazes the depth of change. It would be a mistake to think that they concern only the power plant of the wheeled vehicles and are reduced to the translation of vehicles from the internal combustion engines on the electrical machine. Not at all. As it turned out, very many systems and components of modern cars apply tangible harm to the environment. Even at first glance, a completely innocent brake system can have a strong negative effect.



However, of course, the main vector of revolutionary changes is directed to the power plants. Electrification is the motto of the epoch, although in fact the situation is not so unequivocal.


Together with the strengthening, let’s say, the ecological self-consciousness of society as a whole and its individual representatives in particular, and until recently accepted, traditional behavioral models are universally recently recently imaginable.



Indeed, the changes occur radical: alternative engines, «use» instead of «possession», large data and digitalization, etc. — total transformation of the usual system. This will certainly be reflected in the after-sales service segment. However, it is not necessary to scare in advance.




At the same time, it is necessary to constantly monitor the updates of model lines of the current park with classic power plants. Experts increasingly suggest that recently there has been a clear tendency to more frequently update automakers of their model rows and their large-scale expansion.




Indeed, in whatever side, and whatever the tem have developed technologies, all the benefits of technical progress will eventually affect the staff of the service station: simple mechanics, masters, managers. And they affect the most directly complicating tasks facing them: selection, repair, logistics, etc..

On the other hand, the same technical progress in the face of advanced companies offers specialists from the scope of new and more efficient decisions.

For example, MEYLE company designers noticed — as a rule, the BMW rear transverse lever silent, as a rule, means one thing: the need to replace the lever assembly, which is associated with high costs both for auto repair shop and for the owner of the car. However, the company was able to develop an economical comprehensive solution — the repair kit of the silent blocks Meyle — HD, consisting of pre-compressed and ready to install silent blocks, as well as a special tool for installation. Remkomplekt allows you to replace these parts on a number of models of BMW cars of the series 5, 6, 7 and x5. This is not only a convenient, but also a truly economical solution: the cost of the maintenance kit proposed by Meyle is an average of less than one tenth of the cost of two original levers assembly.

MEYLE engineers have developed a special tool for convenient removal and installation of silent blocks. Thus, a hundred receive a unique market segment for this segment is a complete repair kit, consisting of ready-to-install silent blocks and tools.

In addition, the MEYLE Arsenal has 15 kits for repairing a cardan shaft that avoid replacing the cardan shaft assembly, and a number of other comprehensive solutions for a wide range of components and aggregates that simplify the work of mechanics.

Schaeffler is also a bet on comprehensive solutions — one of the leaders in the field of innovative technologies, which deserve a separate story.



Nevertheless, all this does not mean at all that, possessing such effective solutions, as the use of sets of mechanics should not relax and stop in their development. Requirements for their vocational training will still grow, because for the proper use of these solutions, a corresponding level of training and technological awareness is needed.



But we do not tell us how things are dealing with professional personnel in Russia.



That’s why

After all


It is worth recognizing that despite the really very sad situation in the field of profile education, certain steps towards improving the competence of technical personnel in Russia are still committed. In particular, our country has joined the international movement of the professional skills of World Skills, which is also supported by many companies from the autocomponent industry.

Thus, DENSO Corporation this year sent a record number of participants — 20 people will compete for winning 10 competencies at the WorldSkills International Championship, which in August was held in Kazan. And historically for the corporation, these competitions have already been 20 in the account — DENSO for the first time took part in the WorldSkills WorldSkills Championship in 1971. In total, in the medal standings DENSO 69 Awards: 33 gold, 18 silver and 18 bronze. The medal conquered this year became the 15th Golden Award DENSO, which was won in a row, if counting from the 1991 championship. In total, the DENSO team in Kazan won six medals of various dignity,
Not counting other awards.