Welcome, premium from the Middle Kingdom


Premium brand has every serious automaker. At Toyota, as you know, this is Lexus, Nissan — Infiniti, and Premium Honda is Acura. Even the Korean automaker Hyundai is actively working on its premium brand Genesis. But that Chinese automakers began to grow their premiums, this is too.

In fact, the creation of a premium brand is an indicator of the maturity of the automaker. What to do, by the Chinese automotive companies rose to such a stage, and begin expansion to our Russian market with their premium. The Chinese brand Chery has its own premium subbrend EXEED. The other Chinese automaker Great Wall also has its own premium Wey. And these premiums became closely in the Middle Kingdom.

As planned in Chery, soon the premium sub-worn EXEED will enter the Russian market. Isn’t it too early? While even Korean Genesis looks rather exotic, rather than the speapavomotomobile, and then Chinese premium cars. But let’s take a closer look at EXEED.

First, the timing of the release to our market is defined in the spring of 2020. Secondly, sales will begin with an elongated crossover EXEED TXL. The car passes the certification procedure and receiving the FTS (approval of the type of vehicle), which is needed to start selling it.

What is important, EXEED TXL will have a four-wheel drive, three configurations and an exclusively five-seater salon.

In the engine compartment, a turbocharged 1.6 TGDI motor with a capacity of 190 hp, which is combined with a 7-range robotic «preselection» DCT7.

It is expected that the more compact EXEED TX will appear in the lineup a little later. What a price tag will possess the Chinese automaker for his premium, while it is unknown. At least it is obvious that the price will be higher than the line of the rest of Chery.

On the home market, in China, Exeed TXL costs from 135.9 to 175.9 thousand yuan, which at the current rate of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation is 1.2-1.6 million rubles. As it is not very expensive.

As for the options, then, according to preliminary information, a two-zone climate control, a full «winter package», 6 airbags, tailless access and launch of the button, leather interior, front fog lights and rear parking sensors will be included in the comfort version with front-wheel drive. The multimedia system works with a 10.1 inches touchscreen and a rear view camera. The audio system includes 6 speakers, and the dashboard is a 7-inch monitor. The steering wheel is adjusted to departure and height and covered with skin.

In the configuration of Luxury — the same options, but the drive is complete, and the driver’s seat is controlled by electronics. It is not excluded that LED lights will be available here. But they are accurately provided in the Flagship version. In addition, top equipment includes front parking sensors and a circular review. Also here will be offered a system of automatic parking and control of blind zones, the electric drive of the fifth door. The instrument panel will be completely digital. Its monitor will be greater than the head media device is 10.25 inches. It may be possible to panoramic roof and larger wheels — 19 inches.

The final decision on how exactly the brand will bring to the Russian market, the Russian representation responds evasively.

At the moment, the worker is the option using Chery dealers in 10 cities of Russia. We are talking about large dealers who are ready to go for serious investment. They will have to rebuild the salons, dividing the halls for two brands. According to the Chinese cars, the list of the first 10 cities is predefined, it includes: Moscow, St. Petersburg, Ekaterinburg, Nizhny Novgorod, Kazan, Chelyabinsk, Rostov-on-Don, Ufa, Krasnodar and Irkutsk. In the future, exeed is expected to have a separate network of car dealerships.