What did the dealers be worried about, writing Putin?


Increase the recycling fee for automakers, such an idea belongs to the Ministry of Industry RF. This is done from good intentions. Increase payments for the future processing of the machine, the agency wants due to the fact that previously the authorities had to reduce import duties, as required WTO.

Therefore, the sublissor must compensate for these incomplete income. The decision as a whole is logical, but untimely, so considered the Association «Russian Car Dealers» (Road). This will inevitably lead to an increase in the cost of cars.
Therefore, the Association sent a letter addressed to President Vladimir Putin, which refers to the risks of a possible increase in recycling collection. The Road indicated that the growth of collection rates would lead to an increase in cars for cars, which, against the background of the fall of real incomes of the population, «extremely negatively» will affect both the industry itself and the economy as a whole. In addition, dealers reported, because of the new utilist, the sale of some auto-brands will become unprofitable. In addition, dealers reported, because of the new utilist, the sale of some auto-brands will become unprofitable. This in turn can lead to the closure of 200-300 dealer centers and dismissal at least 20 thousand employees, as well as reduced tax payments.

Russians are hardly ready to buy cars at new prices, notes the President of the Association Oleg Mosseev: «In the segment of the mass market, the increase in the scourge can lead to a rise in prices for cars by 50-60 thousand rubles, in the premium segment — up to 300 thousand rubles. The average price of cars in the market is 1.4 million rubles, in the mass market segment — less than 1 million rubles. 50-60 thousand rubles. — This is a plus 5-6% of the price. Now it is a key point for the consumer in the choice of transport. Inflation does not go anywhere, and the incomes of the population do not grow, if not to say that they are reduced. «

Therefore, the Associations offer to refuse to increase the scourge or at least stretch its implementation for several years. After all, if this is not done, then the manufacturers of the car segment of the mass market will suffer. The fact is that the dealers are now released such cars with minimal benefits for themselves — it helps to maintain demand. But any price increase is a reason for customers to refuse to buy. If we are talking about such machines as Hyundai Solaris, Kia Rio, Volkswagen Polo, the scouring will fall a huge burden on automakers and actually presid them. Those will raise prices.

As a result of the increase in the outstand from Russia, the autocompany will begin, and then about 300 dealer centers can close, they speak in the Russian car dealers association. Head of Sales Department «Avilon Volkswagen «Maxim Vasilyev believes that counting is somewhat exaggerated. You can only leave those who have and so in recent years have problems with sales, and the sublissor itself is no more than 2% of the price of the new car: «Probably, we will not note the care of some dealers and brands. This applies to Peugeot and Citroen, whose sales have greatly fell. In the premium market segment, the number of cars sold is stable. If you compare the price tag of the BMW 3 series now and the price after increasing the recycling collection, it will increase by 20 thousand rubles. «

However, an example of BMW is not a challenge, as the production of the German brand car is partially localized in Russia. This means that the company can count on subsidies from the state, like Mercedes-Benz, which in April opened his factory in the Moscow region. The situation does not look too optimistic. But, according to experts, the probability that some company will still decide to leave the country, is small, as well as the likelihood that someone returns.

Such plans were at the Opel brand. About what