When will Renault be pleased with the novelties?


Recently, Renault Russia worked so enthusiastically over the Arkana crossover, which seemed to other models were on the periphery of attention.

We recently talked

Nevertheless, in the Renault Votchin for emerging markets, in Romania, in the company Dacia, work on the following generations of new Sandero / Logan family is underway.

As reported foreign sources, the third generation of Renault / Dacia Sandero will soon appear.

The novelty will go on sale to the European market already next 2020, but the premiere, apparently, can take place this year.

Who would have thought that the Romanian automaker Dacia, who had passed under the wing of the French group in 1999, became a successful brand. While sales of other traditional European brands decrease in the falling European market, Romanian manufacturers this year, meanwhile, increased sales by 10%. Moreover, not only in the countries of Eastern Europe, but also in the Western and southern part of the old continent, on the long-established markets, where loyalty to their own brands is high. Dacia sales grew by 7.6%. The Romanian automaker has success even with a rather modern model nearby, but not the one that is sold in our Russian Federation.

We analyzed the data on the world’s automotive statistics sites and that’s what they found out. Let us give the results of the eight months of 2019. In the top five of the most sold cars at almost three dozen car markets of Europe (European Union + Norway, Iceland, and Eastern Europe, Dacia Sandero entered, with a result of 166.5 thousand cars, passing forward only three Volkswagen models (Golf, Polo and Tiguan) and Renault Clio.

And so the most interesting thing is that Sandero overtook such popular European models like Ford Fiesta, Peugeot 208, Ford Focus, Nissan Qashqai, Opel Corsa, Skoda Octavia. True, we note, the separation is not too big. But the fact itself is symbolic.

Romanian brand, not the most outstanding design, such a car for not the most secured European burghers. When we decided to ask, and in which countries of the old continent, Sandero hatchback is popular, there was no limit to our surprise.

It turns out in Spain at the end of the eight months of 2019, and this is two thirds of the year, the car of the Romanian brand turned out to be

In France in the model standing Sandero in fifth place with a sales volume of 48.5 thousand pieces. In Italy, the Romanian model in the 9th place with a volume of sales of 26.7 thousand pieces. That is, South Europe votes for Sandero. Even in Germany, the car was divided into 20 thousand units. It is important to update the car with such success, since the popularity curve can high up, but also to lose the pedestal in a short time.

Currently, in the Romanian and French design centers, work on the third generation of Sandero hatchback, which should start selling in 2020.

Why does work on it boils? But here we will part a small mystery. In January 2020, safety requirements are strongly tightened when the Crash test on NCAP is carried out. Dacia has never demonstrated the highest results by crash tests, so, always on the «Troychka». Today, the Romanian manufacturer wants to get the best result on an existing scale, which is easier to achieve on existing standards, and not those that will soon be introduced, and, accordingly, much more stricter existing.

Well, now a few strokes on the new Sandero.

Some details begin to appear on a new car.

This is even somewhat surprising, because Dacia has always used older, already proven to solve the senior partner RENAULT. The reason for the positioning of the Romanian brand is positioned as low-price budget. But the requirements of the European car market are growing, standards are becoming more stricter, therefore it is necessary to introduce elements that comply with both existing and promising requirements for both safety and ecology. And this is impossible to achieve on an existing platform B0. Therefore, it was decided to build a new Sandero on the CMF-B platform, but on a simpler version of the trolley than the French analogues.

Also on engines. The new Sandero will establish the most low-volume.

Conversely, the design is revolutionary, it is unlikely to change. As in the case of the second generation of DUSTER, the forms of which only evolutionary changes have undergone in the intergenerational transformation. In any case, cosmetic changes will be.

And yet, 2020 will be very important for the Romanian automaker DACIA. The next year is also scheduled for the presentation of the second generation of Dokker and Logdy models. And, of course, the new Logan sedan and the Logan MCV wagon, which must also be replaced in 2020.

What will be the Russian Sandero? About this foreign sources are silent. But the fact that he will be somewhat different from the European, it is obvious.