Which of the crossover will win the leader race?


Only sales of crossovers and SUVs grow on the Russian automotive market. Soon, more than half of the new car market will take a SUV segment. Who will lead on it?

If you read the news car ribbon, then the feeling is that our market was filled with Chinese crossover models. Here is a small slice of headlines for the last week: «There are three Chinese crossover, which is not ashamed to want»; «Chery Tiggo3 is updated again»; «Brilliance V3 crossover reached Russia»; «Changan CS55 crossover survived the cardinal restyling»; «Haval H9 has become capable of off-road»; «The seven-party crossover DFM 580 went on sale», «called the start of sales of Changan CS35 PLUS.» Etc. Judging by such headlines of the road of Russian cities and weights should be filled with crossovers from the Middle Kingdom. But this is not close. It is rather similar to the information debris, a little conjugable with the reality of the situation in the Russian car market.

Let’s figure it out in this matter. And which cars are popular today and actually represent the class of car SUV?

First, a couple of common numbers — over the past month, the Russians acquired 57.7 thousand cars of this class, it is 4% more than a year earlier.

Before you the rating of the most popular SUV cars in the last July. The names of the models are well acquaintances — Cars Class B and C with increased clearance. The sales volumes of these bestsellers for the month amounted to 2000 to 6000 pieces. In the top ten, two Korean models, three Japanese models, three more European and two domestic. However, everything is as usual.

This sign did not get cars that occupied 11-15 places. This is Skoda Kodiaq (1978 pcs.), Nissan Qashqai (1863), Hyundai Tucson (1710), Kia Soul (1699) and Chevrolet Niva (1645).

And there are no Chinese crossovers here.

But another rating, for the same time, similar class of cars. Top 5 most popular Chinese cars class SUV. It is immediately clear that their popularity is an order lower. The difference between the most popular crossover of the Russian car market and the most popular Chinese competitor is 8.8 times (!). In other words, one sold Geely Atlas accounts for 9 Hyundai Creta sold. It is possible to form a picture like this: in a car stream, moving towards 10 cars, 9 is Creta, and only one Geely ATLAS. This is a more objective picture, rather than a bunch of headlines in the automotive press and news feed.

But as the ancient said — everything flows, everything changes. And that’s what you should pay attention to. An extremely right column of the Chinese crossover table. Statistics fixes the dynamics — growth, or drop in volumes to the same period last year, that is, by July 18th.

Here the models of Chinese brands Geely and Haval explicit progress — two-, three- and more multiple growth. It is worth understanding this phenomenon. It is commonly referred to as the low source base factor. Usually, such a high growth is characterized by a small time period. The explosive growth of popularity is usually short-lived. New Renault Duster appeared in car dealerships in 2012. Against the background of rapidly obsolenial Chevy Niva looked fresh. But in the next 2013, the peak of sales and, then, every year sales volumes dropped slowly. This period last longer lasts this period from Hyundai Creta, which appeared in 2016. Pic sales reached last 2018.

You can give a cautious forecast that the most popular Chinese crossovers can eventually settle in the top 25 SUV of the domestic car market.

However, Chinese leaders’ crossovers will have to work in a very highly competitive environment. And much here will depend on the connection of the efforts of all participants in the process: from dealers to the Moscow representative offices of brands and those who are responsible for the Russian direction in the Movement. In general, ahead of the fascinating and pretty interesting process of the Great Chinese campaign to Russia.

But, while on the start we saw two numbers. Last month, when the sale of two new local assembly crossovers began — Renault Arkana and Haval F7, the July account was: 1 637 «Arkan» and 219 «Havale Ef Seven».

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