Who is inflated a hype around the new Golf-VIII


You open any automotive publication or specialized Internet portal and all the news around the new generation of Volkswagen Golf. We decided to figure out, and why in the network such an excitement around this model?

Volkswagen Golf, as you know, key model of the German automaker. Therefore, for him, the withdrawal of the new generation is important and fateful, because if the failure to happen, or sales will go not as thought, it will hit it at no less than hit the notorious «Dieselgate», bloated in the United States.

Therefore, the excitement around the release of the new, the eighth Golf was overwhelmed by Germany and Austria, where it is a car number 1 on the market. And echoes and waves from increased attention to this model reach us in the Russian Federation. But in vain.

But still, we will not torment the golflows, and we note that while the Wolfsburg office of the German automaker is not going to remove Golf from the model line in the Russian Federation.

And this is a plus. Also, the Jetta sedan will not be removed, which will soon come to us from Mexico.

But it should be noted that the leadership of the German autocontraser has not yet decided when Golf-VIII will bring to the Russian market. Whether it will be in the second half of next year, or later.

And secondly, the main car Volkswagen in Russia is not at all Golf as in Europe, but of course, Polo Sedan. But in relation to him so far a full fog, which the Germans do not dissipate. Unlike them, Czech partners scattered us fog about the new Skoda Rapid, which is the closest relative of Polo.

But back to Golf-VIII. In Germany and Austria, the «eighth» Volkswagen Golf will start selling already in December. On other European and not only the hatchback markets will appear at the beginning of 2020. Next, the whole brood of the «charged» modifications of GTI, GTI TCR and GTD, as well as 300-strong Golf R.

The new Golf remained 100% recognizable, although the «Mord» has changed quite seriously because of the front headlights. But I immediately note that we immediately note that the general proportions, the shape of the side glasses and the characteristic bending of the rear rack of the roof are saved. By the way, there is no three-door in the new generation, it remained in the past. Now only a five-door body is offered. The dimensions changed slightly: Golf has become 26 mm longer (4284 mm) and 36 mm below (1456 mm), and the width is completely the previous one (1789 mm). The wheelbase rose 16 mm to 2636 mm.

The final MQB modular platform is based on, although there are minimum changes in terms of «iron». For surcharge, there is still an adaptive DCC chassis. In addition to the «ordinary» versions (now they are called Golf, Life and Style), an R-Line variant is immediately presented, which differs not only by aggressive body kit and decor, but also a suspension and steering mechanism with more sports settings.

The new Golf goes to the European market with eight engines. Gasoline Turbomotors — from the EA211 EVO family: this is a modernized three-cylinder unit 1.0 TSI (90 or 110 hp) and the four-cylinder engine 1.5 TSI (130 or 150 hp) with a function of turning off two cylinders at low loads . Motors with a capacity of up to 130 forces have a turbocharger with a variable geometry of the guide apparatus. Gearboxes — a new six-speed «mechanics» or seven-step «robot» DSG with two clutches. The gamma has a new turbodiesel 2.0 TDI (115 or 150 hp) with urea neutralization system, and only for a 150-strong modification, you can order a four-wheel drive 4motion. And Volkswagen prepared at once two full hybrid with the possibility of recharging from the outlet. Both modifications are equipped with a 1.4 TSI turbo engine, a six-speed «preseign» with a built-in electric motor, as well as a battery with a capacity of 13 kWh ∙ h (instead of 8.7 kWh ∙ h at the same model). Basic Golf Ehybrid has 204 hp, and the Golf GTE version has a peak power reaches 245 hp.

We in Russia, this «carnival» of innovation and environmental friendliness will bypass. It is already known that the Russian gamma engines will differ from European: for the Russian motorist of German folk cars reserved old engines 1.6 MPI and 1.4 TSI.

In general, urban hatchback with low ground clearance is not our type of car. Not in vain in the past crisis of Golf, one of the first Volkswagen left the Russian car market. True, after a while he returned. But in European countries with their good roads, it is the best-selling brand model: in 2018, 732 thousand cars were implemented (seventh place in the world ranking of popularity). It is clear that it is stupid to give up golf, not every model has such a huge army of loyal fans.

For comparison: in the Russian Federation last year, only 512 VW Golf sold. Here is the potential of the most sold by Europeans in Russia.