Why Lada does not need second heel


The information society involves the operational dissemination of information, including unreliable. It happens quite often. And then the hearing is refuted by the competent speakers.

So happened this time. At first, the network quickly spread unreliable information that AvtoVAZ is preparing to release renamed and slightly leraled under the branded vazovsky X-style heel, analogue of Renault Dokker.

And much, it seems to be converged. Look, the VAZ analogue of Renault Docker is built on the platform of the Franco-Japanese Alliance. It opens to him the road to the AvtoVAZ conveyor, where he could easily register. Secondly, it was reported that a promising car to get the original exterior design and its own interior. According to this information, the front of the model will almost completely repeat Vesta, while it will be similar to Vesta SW. That is, it turns out some unification with the Vesta family.

Recall that the «original» Renault Dokker is sold in Russia since December 2017. The car is offered in passenger and cargo modifications. Both body modifications are presented with a gasoline engine 1.6 (82 hp) and Turbodiesel 1.5 (90 hp). Machine can be purchased from 905 thousand rubles.


But all this information was denied one radio fleet with the «talking head» of the domestic automaker, which took place in the other day. The head of the press service of AvtoVAZ Sergey Ilinsky, on the bombing appeared, answered quite argued. First. He noted: «This is another funny nonsense, which is much around. In the near future, such a car should not be expected, in the coming years. But, nevertheless, other new items will follow. » What exactly, Sergey Ilyinsky did not say.

Here is his second argument. Lada Van to release while Largus not only keeps the position in the cargo-passenger class, but also shows a positive trend, it would be an imperceptive solution. It is quite reasonable. The new Lada Van could start the process as it is called marketers of «intracorporate cannibalization». And all automakers go away from it. The indicative example was just provided by the German Volkswagen concern, who saw the competition of cars of his brands, decided to make them. Our channel wrote that the Skoda Czech brand, which is part of the Volkswagen Group, will be specialized in budget vehicles.

Currently, the Lada Largus family is represented by a all-metal van and station wagons with a 5- and 7-seater cabin configuration and their cross version. In April, Lada Largus received a bitoxic modification of CNG.

Cars are equipped with a 87-strong 8-valve or 106-strong 16-valve Motor VAZ-21129, both are in a pair of 5-speed MCP. The price of a wagon starts from 597,900 rubles, on the van — from 571,900 rubles.

The heel Renault Dokker is produced in Morocco, at the French Automaker Plant. On the European market sold under the Romanian brand Dacia. The heel has a cargo all-metal version of 4.36 m and a high roof. Two types of diesel engines with a capacity of 75 and 95 hp diesel engines are installed on the machines, and two types of gasoline engines — 100 and 130 hp