Why Toyota and Hyundai put for atmospheric


The modern trend of the domestic car market today has become an increasing number of new cars with turbocked engines.

Almost all automakers, even Chinese, bring to the Russian market for new cars to the Russian market, seeing in this perspective. But domestic motorists are not so progressive in order to quickly rebuild and go to this innovative trend. We found other examples when foreign autocontraceans, given the conservatism of the consumer, bring the car to the market with an old good atmospheric. Why, yes, because the Russian driver is similar to … American.

On October 1, the production of a new crossover started in Russia

The new crossover is a global model, her debut took place in the US for about a year and a half ago. The new «Rafik» is built on the TNGA-K platform, it made it possible to reduce the center of gravity, increase the rigidity of the body and the ground clearance. For similar to the previous model, the wheelbase has become 30 mm more (2690 mm). But today we are not about it.

In Russia, the new Toyota RAV4 crossover is proposed with two motors of the Dynamic Force family. These are fresh 4-cylinder atmospheric 2.0 (149 hp) and 2.5 (199 hp) with a combined injection and a high geometric degree of compression (13: 1), allowing the use of gasoline AI-92. The younger engine is combined with a six-speed «mechanics» or variator, and the elder is only with an eight-step «automatic».

Earlier, the Toyota market released its most popular

The reason is more like that. The new RAV4 fifth generation crossover has risen in price. The basic price, compared to the former generation crossover, increased by 140 thousand rubles: now RAV4 costs at least 1 million 756 thousand. And for the most popular combination of a two-liter motor, variator and a full drive, you must pay at least 2 million 87 thousand: the increase reaches 285 thousand RUBLES! What is higher than that of competitors.

But also the news from the Korean automaker. Medium-sized crossover

Yes, and the motor itself leads the pedigree since 2004, and if you recall the history of the Korean automaker, then immediately everything will fall into place. Then at that time, four Daimler-Chrysler, Mitsubishi and Hyundai, Mitsubishi and Hyundai, were combined to save costs and created two gasoline atomed motor 2.0 and 2.4. Engine 2.4 GDIs were not only quite reliable, but also long-livers. Motor 2.4 GDI with a capacity of 184 hp With direct injection and phase traffickers on both camshafts are installed not only on the Sportage crossover, but also familiar to two other KIA cars — a larger Sorento Prime crossover and an Optima sedan.

But the larger crossover Hyundai Santa Fe in Russia is now available with the V6 3.5 MPI gasoline engine. It is also an old atmospheric of the Lambda II series with a distributed injection, in the option for our market it develops 249 hp. and 336 nm. Such machines have an eight-step «automatic» (with stealing petals) and four-wheel drive, the maximum speed is 210 km / h, overclocking to «hundreds» — for 7.8 s.