Will old cars be prohibited?


Public opinion in the country has recently agreed with the news that the State Duma deputies want to ban the operation of old cars. Now, after the society clarified that no one was going to ban deputies decided to find out who was to blame.

In fact, the Duma Committee on Economic Policy and Industry proposed to prohibit the operation of vehicles that have reached the limit period of operation. The relevant recommendations are sent to the Ministry of Transport and the Ministry of Industry RF. Automakers The initiative was supported. But in the Ministry of Industry, the Ministry of Industry, noted that it is better to introduce bans, but measures to stimulate sales of new cars. And representatives of the automotive community, the idea of deputies did not just criticized, but were separated into the fluff and dust.

The problems of vehicles were discussed at the round table in the State Duma at the end of June, and at the end of the parliamentarians prepared recommendations. As a result, a letter was appeared, which sent the Deputy Chairman of the State Duma Committee on Economic Policy and Industry Alfia Kogogina (United Russia). By the way, the deputy of the State Duma of the Russian Federation Alfia Kogogina, the spouse of the head of Kamaz Sergey Kogogina.

Ms. Kogogina’s specialized ministries offered in a letter to work out the question of «legislative prohibition of the use of automobile means that have reached the limit operational limits». What cars are we talking about and what sanctions will be applied, it is not specified in the letter.

What kind of cars are considered old nobody knows. But automakers met this idea with a bang. But other opinions sounded. Viktor Pokimelkin (Motorists of Russia) believes that the initiative does not have a chance of success. And without now there are many problems with power to people create. If you still prohibit the operation of old cars, then a crushing blow will be applied at the very low-income part of motorists. And Vyacheslav Lysakov, First Deputy Chairman of the State Duma Committee on Gosstroiteli and Legislation called such prohibitions of an additional tax for not the richest motorists.

Then they began to refer to foreign experience. Truckers argued that 20-25-year-old trucks in perfect condition are found on the roads of Germany and France. Many drivers prefer 10-15-year-old European and American trucks, as they are usually tested by time, more reliable and easier to operate than modern models.

Began to count how much to be derived from the operation of passenger cars, especially those who are privately owned by citizens.

It turned out that 2.5 million cars issued in the USSR were still registered in Russia, and this is 6% of the country’s fleet. Meanwhile, experts believe that it is quite difficult to establish a deadline for the car. There are owners of cars, which no more than 5-6 thousand km drive in their car for the year. Accordingly, they will not work out the resource of their car, laid by the automaker for 10-15 and even 20 years.

In general, the resonance turned out not weak. And immediately from the State Duma began to make clarification, they say, the prohibition concerns only commercial cars. Remember both the only ban.

And after some time, deputies of the State Duma. They plan to meet with news aggregators and find out why they charge the situation on socio-economic issues. Popular aggregators All day on August 14 laid the topic on the first lines, and in such a wording that implies a ban on the operation of personal car vehicles when they achieve a certain age.

Deputy DG from United Russia, Andrei Isaev exposed media: «It seems that search engines specifically impose a socio-political situation, leaving the headlines with fake information in the news» tops. Despite the clarification of the Committee and the position expressed by the United Russia for the inadmissibility of such prohibitions for private cars, in the «tops» of news and search aggregators, the headlines were hung over the ban on the ban of old cars. Of course, it is necessary to deal with aggregators, but if the deputies themselves do not take the laws that infringe on ordinary people, they would not have soils for the like.

So while the owners of old passenger cars can be exhaled, nothing will be prohibited. However, if you launch economic growth in the country, will, respectively, increase the incomes of the population, and people will reach out for new cars.