Will the market wake up commercial vehicles?


Negative sales dynamics of light commercial vehicles, despite the fact that in July reach an annual maximum

According to the new report «AUTOSTAT INFO», in July 2019, sales in the market of light commercial cars grew by 8.4% to 9220 units. Against 8504 units implemented a year earlier.

Sales indicator in July became the highest among the results, among those who analysts fixed the monthly during the whole of this year.

In the reporting month, sales of LCV foreign cars increased by 8.3% to 3162 units, and the volume of sales in the Russian LCV market increased by 8.5% to 6058 units. Market shares between these segments were distributed as 34.3% and 65.7%, respectively.

The top 5 brands of the new LCV market in Russia showed the growth of indicators on the results of the July sales. Market leader,

We add that over the past seventh period, the market of new LCVs in Russia shows the negative dynamics. A decline in sales of such equipment in an annualized expression reaches 6.5%. In quantitative terms, the implementation indicators decreased from 58,712 to 54,882 units. Techniques