Will the new Volkswagen Jetta will draw a segment with?


The newest generation of Volkswagen Jetta will appear from official dealers in early 2020. In theory, this sedan must fix the situation in the size class with, which worsens every year in the car market of the Russian Federation.

The World Debit of the New Generation VW Jetta took place a year and a half ago in January 2018. But in Russia, the new car of the German automaker will appear only two years later — at the very beginning of 2020. Today, the first information from the concern about the novelty appeared. And she is even pleasant.

Judge for yourself.

In the Russian Federation, Jetta will be presented with two engines. The basic will be atmospheric EA211 with a volume of 1.6 liters, the developing capacity of 110 hp The motor will be aggregated with a 5-speed «mechanics» or with a 6-speed «automatic». The second Motor 1.4 TSI (150 hp) will work in a pair with a 6-speed «automatic». But the notorious «robot» DSG in the new Jetta will not.

In the gamma of the new sedan, three configurations — Origin, Respect and Status. Their content is not yet disclosed, but in the list of standard equipment there will be exactly the LED headlights and rear lights, as well as 16-inch alloy wheels. Among the additional equipment there is a virtual combination of instruments, navigator, heated steering wheel and rear seats, an adventure access system and a panoramic roof. Also Volkswagen clarified the volume of the trunk: the same 510 liters that the former model has.

Now VW Jetta new generation is released only in Mexico and China

It is not yet clear whether this model will be produced to Russia in Nizhny Novgorod on Gaza, where the previous generation of VW Jetta was produced. The German concern recently made it clear that if the gas of the US Ministry of Finance would be imposed against the GAZ Group, the cooperation with gas will be discontinued. Lose the American market, the Germans do not intend to carry the risks of sanctions. Moreover, the German concern only began to go out from under the negative effect of «Dieselgit», which inflicted reputational damage.

And about the new model. Note that neither Mexican nor Chinese sedans are equipped with EA211 1.6 atmospheric atmospheric, which are produced only at the Russian Motor VW plant under Kaluga. Apparently, the leaders of Volkswagen when they said that the power of motor production in Kaluga would double, had due to the supply of motor assembly engines and such distant enterprises as the German concern’s Mexican plant in Pueblo.

And in conclusion about prices. The concern did not publish not only specific prices, but did not even hinted on the level. Apparently, the car will cost at least 1.1 million rubles.

But let us ask for such a question. The new Volkswagen Jetta will be a notable player in the size class C. Its current output occurs in no most favorable period for this class. The consumer in Russia for a number of reasons is turned away from medium-sized cars. But just over 10 years ago, this class of cars was a bestseller on the car market of new cars, where such «stars» were shining like Ford Focus, Mitsubishi Lancer, Toyota Corolla.

Over the past August, according to Avtostat, sales in segment C were declined in comparison with the last year by 28.8%, and the share of the segment at the car market was only 4.5%. Recall that over 10 years ago, his peak share was 32%.

Today in the dimensional class with «rule the ball» other cars.

For several years now, the Czech car has been an unchanged leader here.

We tried to concentrate data all over the class with in the table and that’s what we did.

The volume of registration of new vehicle class cars in August 2019, with dynamics by August last year.