WinMax — Brake Pads for Racing Conditions


Brand WinMax is a motor cosport brand of the famous Japanese manufacturer of disc and drum brake pads — MK Kashiyama Corp. Winmax components are developed and manufactured for brake systems racing and rally cars. Soon WinMax products will be available in Russia.


Since the beginning of production in 1984, WinMax products are widely used in the best world racing series, such as Formula Drift, NASCAR, Dakar Rally-Marathon. Many racers in drift teams also trust Winmax products. And it is not surprising, because their success largely depends on the technical characteristics of the car, among which one of the key is effective braking.

• Real experience.

• Japanese quality.

• Scientific approach.

• Certificates.

Ideal for extreme conditions

WinMax products have long established itself in the world of motor racing. But this does not mean that brand brake pads can only be used on sports cars. High performance and invariably good quality WinMax products have been used in everyday life. These pads are ideal for cars that are operated in difficult conditions at high speeds — for example, for a police fleet.

In addition to this, Winmax provides OEM production of many well-known brands.

Spectrum of application

WinMax covers various applications:

• Daily use on ordinary cars,

• sports use;

• Rally and sports races with maximum use of the car potential.

Depending on the operating conditions, a selection is available from 7 types of WinMax products: «W Series» from W1 to W7.