With gasoline on electricity in two accounts


Designers from the UK have developed a «boxes» power plant for translating vehicles with DVS on electric shirt.

Gas equipment Russians will no longer surprise — in almost any car you can install additional units that will allow us to translate ordinary gasoline in the gas fuel.

But here we have not yet heard about the same maneuvers for the transition to the electric gear. And there is already such an offer on the market! The British company SWINDON POWERTRAIN presented the equipment that will make an electric car with any car that is at hand.

Swindon PowerTrain belongs to the authorship of a fully electrical version of the classic hatchbackmini. The project called Swind E Classicmini, prepared for the sixtieth anniversary of the MINI brand, the British showed this year at the London Auto Show. The electrocare was equipped with a compact electrical power plant, which is alleged, can be applied to electrify any commercial, sports and classic cars with internal combustion engines.

In the «box» set of a width of 600 mm, a 109-strong electric motor, an inverter, a single-stage reducer, and a cooling system module. According to the developers, their electric motor «has the highest ratio of power and volume among all electric motors on the market,» and due to the protection against moisture can be used in hybrid power modules. A traction battery, charging and power management system to customers will have to be purchased separately, they are not included in the kit.

Serial plant production is planned to start in June 2020. The company believes that their set will make it easier to transition to electrical machine to niche automakers who cannot quickly electrify their own models due to large material costs for the development of electrical power plants.