Without steering and in bed


The German automaker Porsche is preparing for a unmanned car. The company patented the unfolding driver’s seat, which turns into bed and may appear in the drones of the brand.

The company PORSCHEBEP to the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) several patents that have previously been registered in Germany. One of them is a patent for the folding driving seat with an electric drive, which can be transformed into bed.

The chair can be recorded in several positions for driving or leisure. In all likelihood, such seats are planning to use in future drone drones.

Judging by the images, the seat leans in such a way that the driver will not be able to drive a car. In this case, the steering wheel and part of the front panel are cleaned, and instead of the accelerometer and brake pedals, a retractable stand for the legs is provided.

The fact that the company patented the chair-bed does not mean that the technology will soon begin to be used on serial vehicles. Perhaps the patent will remain a patent.